Fighting for Fair Housing Conference, Notre Dame 4.19 to 20, 2018

Better Homes of South Bend was one of the opening presentations of the Fighting for Fair Housing Conference.

A group of Studebaker workers win out over segregation in the 1950's and build a legacy.

Leroy Cobb, original member of Better Homes of South Bend, Inc spoke movingly about his experience fighting discrimination in the 1950's. After a struggle of almost four years, Better Homes succeeded in building 22 homes in a white neighborhood. Gabrielle Robinson set the story in a national and local context of housing discrimination. Michael Jackson, son of one of the Better Homes families, spoke about the tremendous impact the success of Better Homes had on his generation. Half the children earned college degrees. Fair housing not only provides decent living space, and gives families a chance at middle class prosperity, it also contributes significantly to the success of future generations. Fighting for Fair Housing is an important conversation even in 2018 since redlining and discrimination persist both locally and nationally. 

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